Yahshua - The Messianic Hope, is a
chronological presentation of the
life of Yahshua the Messiah, which
uses His Hebrew name, and
eliminates the Antisemitism that is
present in the Gospels as written.

The story has been reconstructed
using the Gospels as a guide in its

The narrative is written in modern
English and makes for easy reading
and provides a better
understanding of His life and His
Yahshua, which is the Name of the Messiah, is used throughout the narrative and the Feasts and Sabbaths
He attended are specifically identified to enhance the reader's understanding of what was going on at the

The chronological presentation of the story clears up the events which began on His birth date on Tishrei 15,
the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles and leads up to, and includes, His presentation in the Temple as the
Passover Lamb on Nisan 10.

His offering on the tree, an upright stake, the Altar of His Sacrifice, was on Nisan 14, The Day of
Preparation for the Passover Seder and the Feast of Unleavened Bread, and His subsequent Resurrection
occurred on Nisen 16, as the First Fruits of the Resurrection and is more easily understood as being in
compliance with the requirements of the Law of the Passover.

All of this occurred in accordance with the Law of the Festivals as commanded by Yahweh in the written
Torah.  The major events of Yahshua's life are directly related to the Festivals indicated therein. To
understand the Law is to understand how Yahshua met the requirements of the Law, and makes it possible
to construct a chronological presentation of the major events of His life.
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