For almost two thousand
years we have followed the
traditions and practices of the
Catholic religion.  

But is this reflective of the
Apostles and Prophets of
Judeo-Christianity challenges these practices as being of pagan origin and invites us to rethink
what we are doing in the light of the Scriptures.  

Ray Looker offers an alternative that is in line with the Word of Yahweh as found in the first five
books of the Bible, the written TORAH.   But has the “Old Testament” been done away with as
we have been taught by our Elders, or is it still the Law of Yahweh and does it continue to apply
to both Jews and Christians?

The Catholic religion has dictated our traditions and practices to the extent that Christians are not
following the teachings of the Bible.  Judeo-Christianity  provides solutions and shows how we
can get back to the Bible in our practices and establish traditions that are in line with the Will of
God in our lives and in our Churches.
ISBN: 1481906216
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