Is truth relevant to salvation?  

In a philosophical and theological
approach "In Defense of Truth"
challenges the validity of the
traditions and practices of the Jewish,
Christian and Catholic religions.  

Is truth relevant to religious belief, or
is the basis of salvation best achieved
by deception and religious myth?
ISBN: 1480049735
The author uses the Bible as the basis and sole authority for determining the validity of tradition and

"In Defense of Truth" begins with a dialogue between a Rabbi and a Priest on the contrasting
approaches used to satisfy the spiritual needs of the people, and then continues with a closer look at
the practices of each of these three religions, as well as an approach to other theological /philosophical
attempts to serve the spiritual needs of the people.

Without getting into a detailed analysis of these practices the author is able to assess these problems
with enough information and provides direction so that the reader will be enticed to seek further
confirmation of his/her belief structure.  

Is it built on fable and myth, or is it solidly based upon Biblical mandates that direct our path to
righteousness?  While "In Defense of Truth" presents challenges, it also offers solutions based upon
Biblical mandates.
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