America, by sitting silently by could easily join with Russia and the Arab nations by
failing to take action to defend Israel.  By its failure to act it politically agrees and is
a 'silent' partner to the action.  America has yet to come to its knees before the
Lord.  This could easily happen through some rather horrific weather patterns and
geologic upheaval (Yellowstone National Park for example).  

The squabbles between Israel and the Islamic nations will continue until the Messiah
comes.  Esau hated Jacob (Israel) and has forever after sought to destroy him.
Unfortunately Ishmael joined with Esau to form a coalition against Israel.   I do not
fear the 'end' for myself.  At the age of 72 I guess I am already 'at the end' of my
life-span.  I fear for the people who are being led astray by Pastors and Churches
who reap the harvest of their congregation's hard earned dollars while leading them
astray with false doctrines and traditions which have made void the Word of God.  

Preparation is made in this life span, not in some form of purgatory.  What must be
done to enter into Eternal Life with the Lord must be done before we die.  
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