I'm not trying to reach Jews.  My ministry is to Christians and to those who seek
knowledge of the truth.  Catholics are welcome to the truth, even as Christians are
welcome to the truth.   

The truth is that Christianity is supposed to be an extension of the Jewish religion, not
an extension of the pagan practices forced upon us by the Catholic religion.  I have
never said that Catholics were not nice people.  There are nice people in every religion
and every country in the world.  

But it is in Judaism and the written Torah that I found the truth.  And it is in the
Catholic religion that I found out I had been deceived and purposely misguided into
false religious practices.  The claims, doctrines and traditions of the Catholic religion
are all originally based upon false pagan religious practices.  One cannot keep the
Torah and Catholic religious practices at the same time.  

The Torah specifically prohibits idol worship, which includes the practices and
traditions of idolatry.  That is my point.  Research the origins of any religious practice
and measure it by the written Torah.  Do this and you will know the truth of that
practice whether it is true or not according to the Torah.   

I do not judge, the Torah is the judge.  (Ezekiel 44:23-24)  To compromise the truth is
to deny the validity of the truth for those who seek truth.  It also denies the individual
knowledge of the truth.  In spiritual matters we are talking eternal life, or eternal death.
 I believe truth is relevant to salvation and life is in the Torah and in the Messianic
message of Hope.  Shalom

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