Recently I have come under criticism for using the Name of God and His Son
in my messages and in my books.  I do not change what I have written.  

My Bible states that the Lord's Name, i.e., Yahweh will be proclaimed
throughout the land. How can it be proclaimed if we are forbidden to speak
it? My contention with Judaism on this matter is I believe, supported by

I still believe that Yeshua is a compromise with the Catholic/Christian use of
the name Jesus. Psalm 68:4 states that His Name is Yah. To Moses He said
that He is Yahweh - Yah I Am. Yahshua means Yah our Savior. There is no
Yesh in the Bible when making reference to His Name.  The use of the Name
of Yahweh throughout my messages and my books is to get people to
'proclaim the Name of the Lord' throughout the land as prophecy has stated
will happen.

There is still too much compromise within the Messianic movement, even
among the 'Great Who's Who Leaders' of the Messianic Faith.  Everyone is
so busy trying to please those in Christianity that they have no problem in
compromising. I know for a fact that many congregations and their leaders
are so afraid of offending those who give them support. They sell the truth for
a bowl of porridge, so that they won't lose their financial or moral support
among Christian organizations. They want to be accepted and compromise is
the path of acceptance.  I firmly assert that to compromise is to deny the
truth, and that's not what we should be doing.

The time of the end is already here.  When adversities come, those who have
been deceived will lose their faith because their faith is based upon deception
and lies.  It is a house built of sticks and straw and only a little mud and it
will not endure the Tribulation that is coming upon the earth.  They are as
seed cast upon stony ground.  Without truth, they are without substance.
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