Most Pastors and Elders of the Church are decent upstanding people who truly
are concerned for the welfare of their congregations.   They are also concerned
for their own families and the burdens that are placed on them to teach
denominational doctrine and tradition.  

This burden comes from both their Regional Pastors as well as the senior
members of their congregations.  As long as they adhere to the establishment
they will have a financially secure future.  They will be able to pay off the
mortgage and send their children to college or a trade school to learn a
marketable skill.  This sounds like a good idea and it exemplifies the American
idea of a stable citizen and a bright future.

However, this practice essentially forces the Pastor to ‘stay with the program’
and don’t cause problems, even when it is known that the ‘program’ involves the
teaching of traditions and practices which make void the Word of God.

Some Pastors will gloss over things they know are wrong, while others teach
these traditions because they do not know the truth. They have never been
taught the truth.  They have been placed in a rut and are not allowed to look
around for truth, even though the truth has been known for many years and a
great amount of evidence has been, and continues to be produced.  

They have been brainwashed and forced to practice deception in order to keep
their ministries.

No one likes to be lied too, especially when it comes to the salvation of our
souls, and our positions in the World to Come.  

We look up to and respect our Pastors.   And when someone comes along to
reveal the truth of God’s Word they are called Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing and
fiercely attacked by both Pastors and their ‘Christian’ congregations.  

Not only is the truth not known by either the Pastor or the congregation but it
is violently rejected.   There is no reason to lie!  The Word of God is the only
Truth, and it is by the Word of God that the lies are exposed.  

My Bible says that there is no lie in the Truth.  If one discovers a lie, then know
that it is not of God … it comes from Satan!  All lies find their origin in Satan,
the father of lies.   Any practice, doctrine, or tradition that does not line up
with the Law of God, as found in the Books of the Law, are not of God … it is
from Satan!  I do not judge, the Law of God judges.  

As an Ordained Minister I, and many like me who know the truth, we are
required by God to know the difference between the Holy and the profane, and
to teach the people, which may include both Pastors and congregations, what
the truth of God’s Word says about our so-called Christian traditions and

How can one know the truth?   As I said, “If it agrees with the Laws and
Commandments of God as found  in the Books of the Law – The first five
books of the Bible, if it is in agreement, it is of God.   But if it does not agree
then it is not of God – flee from it because it comes from Satan!
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