We have received news that the Pope is resigning his position because of old age
end-time?  It means that the very next Pope will be the last Pope to reign over this
Seventh World Empire of Satan!  It means that the Islamic (Muslim) Empire will
become the next world-wide Empire and from this we will see great turmoil in the
world as this Empire will seek out and destroy not only the Catholic Empire, but
Christians and Jews as well.  

We can expect an even greater upheaval in atmospheric and geologic phenomena as
God pours out His wrath upon the world.  But look up and take heart, the time of the
end also brings the Messiah who will set up His Kingdom on earth.  If you are a
Believer do not get discouraged - we win in the end - but don't expect to get
Raptured out of the world.  (The Rapture is a false doctrine.) They cry Peace –
Peace - but there will be no peace.  Instead expect to be called forth to lose your life
in service to the Lord and the witness of His testimony.

In the shifting of the wheat, Israel must go through one more shifting before the
Messiah comes.  But don't give up, this is the last shifting and then it will be over for
all time.  Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and the people of Israel.   

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