The entire Christian concept of baptism focuses on conversion of the lost sinner
who needs to repent of his sins and be saved.  They must be born again.  When John
the Baptist preached the Baptism of Repentance he was preaching to Israelites who
were already members of the covenant of God.  In spite of that fact, they had sinned
against God.  They needed a baptism, but the baptism they needed was one of
repentance from the sins they had committed after they were already full-fledged
members of the covenant of God.

Can one sin after they have been born again?  Most certainly they can and they do sin
after they have been baptized and born again of the spirit.   But the sins we are
speaking about now are not the sins of the flesh.  What I am talking about are the
spiritual sins we have committed against God.  What are these spiritual sins?   They
are the sins we commit when we use astrology and palm-readers to determine the

They are the sins we commit when we bow down to idols and false religions.  They
are spiritual sins when we practice any form of idolatry and/or religious cult that
operates in violation of the Word of God, the written Torah.   They are the sins we
commit willfully by denying the Word of God and rebel against the commandments
of God.  They are especially the sins we commit when we practice any form of
idolatry that makes void the Word of God.   

If any Believer has practiced any form of religious act willfully or unknowingly then
they need a baptism of repentance to turn from their wicked ways and to follow the
commandments of God as found in the written Torah.

In Leviticus 10:1-2, we have the story of the two sons of Aaron, the High Priest of
God.  When Nadab and Abihu brought ‘strange fire’ before the Lord, they were
immediately struck dead.  The strange fire today is the apparent sanctification of
pagan worship practices and the rejection of the commandments of God.  There is
no fear of God in such worship practices.   The religion most Christians practice
have never seen the light of Scripture.  

These pagan practices are a strange fire in the House of the Lord.  The object lesson
we learn from what Nadab and Abihu did in bringing strange fire into the House of
the Lord, is an example to teach us that you cannot sprinkle holy water on a dung
heap and expect it to be sanctified unto the Lord.  It is still a dung heap.

The pagan religious practices which have been assimilated into Christianity are still
pagan in origin and in fact.  They are still a dung heap and anyone, I don’t care how
religious or righteous they may appear, and this includes especially the Pastors and
Elders, or anyone else who presumes to be a teacher are practicing idolatry, and
what’s more, they are teaching their congregations and/or followers to  practice
idolatry.  The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth.   

The written Torah is the Truth.  To reject the Laws and commandments of God is to
blaspheme the Holy Spirit, especially they who not only reject the Laws of God, but
teach others to do the same.   These are the false prophets in sheep’s clothing.  
These are the wolves that devour the innocent.   They make void the Holy Word of
God and deny the truth to those who seek truth.  

The Messiah is coming soon and He will rule with a rod of iron.  That rod is the
book of the Laws of God, the written Torah, which we all claim to have read, but very
few actually practice.  If any Believer is guilty of bringing the strange fires of pagan
religious practices into the House of the Lord then they must receive the Baptism of
Repentance to wash the filth of idolatry practices from their souls, and actively turn
away from all such forms of idolatry.  

That is the concept of repentance for the Believer who has been born again, the
turning away from practicing the doctrines and traditions of the Catholic religion
and seek to do the will of God  in our lives by being obedient to His Word.   www.
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