We are all reminded that a tithe is 10 % of our income and sometimes even that
seems to be too much.  We tend to forget that it is the Lord who makes it possible
to get wealth.   

We tend to forgotten in our ability to retain that which is not ours - 10% belongs to
the Lord - and that is the Thanksgiving Offering.  

That is, it is expected, not required.   This is an everyday expectation as an act of
appreciation for Yahweh's Blessings which we gladly receive every day.  

The authority in Judaism to substitute prayers for the sacrifices comes from the
Talmud [Rabbinical Commentaries] and not from the written Torah.   Yahweh has not
changed His requirement that it is in the blood that we receive atonement for our

How can anyone, Jew or Gentile, receive atonement for our souls when there is no
Temple and no blood sacrifices?  Well, there is a blood sacrifice that is available
and we can appropriate it to ourselves and to our families, and that is the blood
sacrifice that was made - the voluntary sacrifice of Yahshua the Messiah who lay
down His life as a one-time sacrifice for all time.  

No one took His life from Him, He lay it down of His own free will so that whoever
[Jew or Gentile] would believe and call upon His Name would, by appropriation,
receive atonement for their souls.  Not only that, but their names would be inscribed
in the Lamb's Book of Life
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