In Galatians 4:8-9 the Apostle Paul is concerned about the faith
and returning once more to the weak and beggarly elements of
pagan worship.   Many Pastors like to say that Paul was saying
that they were returning to the weak and beggarly elements of
the Jewish Law.  

This is so wrong and reflects the ignorance of those who preach
such nonsense.  These were not Jews, because Paul’s statement
that ‘when they did not know God, or were not known of Him’
is indicative of the Gentiles and not the Jews.  What they were
returning to was the social and pagan religious practices from
which they had been delivered.  Like a dog returning to its own

The question of apostasy has generally referred to those
individuals who, knowing the truth of the written Torah, which
is the Scripture, reject the message of the Gospel and return to
the beggarly elements of pagan religious practices.

In II Thessalonians 2:3, Paul gives a warning that has proven
prophetic, “Let no one deceive you by any means; for that day
will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man
of sin is revealed, the son of perdition.”

Within the doctrines and traditions of the Church, deception has
hidden the truth from the people as well as from the Pastors and
Elders.  The early Gentile Churches rebelled against the Council
of Jerusalem and the doctrines and traditions of the Apostles and
the Prophets, and rejected as well as the written Torah that God
gave to Moses on Mt. Sinai, the Hebrew Scriptures.

By rejecting the Council of Jerusalem these rebellious Gentiles
[the Nicolaitane Churches] also rejected the Sabbaths of the
Lord, His Festivals and assembled on the first day of the week
in Sunday Worship as was the custom in their communities.  
The outcome of their compromises to their social standing in
their communities eventually took them away from the truth and
restored them to the Synagogue of Satan by observing his
special days and traditions.  

Through the lies and deceptions of the early “Church Fathers”,
who were also anti-Semitic, these pagan practices replaced the
Christian traditions and doctrines of the Apostles which were
rooted and grounded in the written Torah.  

All the Apostles and Prophets were zealous to keep the Sabbaths
and commandments of God in commemoration of the birth, life,
death and resurrection of Yahshua the Messiah.

The great falling away came about through the compromises of
the Nicolaitane Churches as they attempted to minister in their
pagan cultures.  In order to get the support they needed to
survive in a world hostile to the Jewish people, these Gentile
congregations compromised the truth by assimilating and
adapting to peer pressure from their neighbors and friends.  
They were as seed cast upon stony ground.  They could no
longer endure the persecution of the Jews which the Roman
Empire put upon them.  

The war with the Jews in 70 C.E. [Common Era] and again in
135 C.E. forced a separation between the Gentile Christians and
Jewish Believers.  Obviously, if the Gentile Churches continued
to keep the commandments of God, His Sabbaths, and His Holy
Assemblies, then they would be considered to be Jews and
therefore subject to execution and persecution as was the
custom of the Roman Armies and the Civil Authorities which the
Roman Empire controlled.

What made this a great falling away is that the Gentile Churches
created their own religion and called it the Universal or Catholic
Church of Jesus Christ.   Jesus is Greek, Yahshua is Jewish.  
The Gentile Churches no longer kept any of the Sabbaths or
Holy Assemblies of God, and therefore no longer resembled
Judaism in any regards.  In fact they joined with the Roman
Empire in the persecution of the Jews!  

This same system has continued up to and including the present
day and is evident in the attitudes and traditions of both the
Catholic religion and the Protestant Churches which follow the
Catholic religion.  All those, Catholic and Protestant, who have
continued to follow that religious system have fallen away from
the truth and the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.  

The writings of the early Catholic “Church Fathers” indicates
that they were bitterly opposed, and even hated the Jews and
the Hebrew Scriptures.  The written Torah was rejected outright
and replaced with the Catholic constructed ‘New Testament’.

These writings of the books of the New Testament, the earliest
copy we have only  dates to the middle of the Third Century, C.
E., were not even accepted until they were altered to reflect
current Catholic doctrine and, now established traditions with
the publication of Jerome’s Latin Vulgate early in the Fifth
Century, C.E.  These same altered books of the New Testament
have been used as the baseline authority governing the conduct
of both Catholics and Christians for over 1,500 years!  

This action of the Catholic religion has caused many tens of
thousands of good people to depart from the truth and to follow
the lies and deceptions of that religion.  They have fallen away
from the truth and rejected the Word of God and His

As the Seventh World Empire of Satan, the Catholic religion has
caused the Word of God to be made void of any legal standing
and of non-effect. This, if you can accept it, is the abomination
that has made desolate the Word of God for thousands of
years.  This is the Abomination of Desolation spoken of by
Yahshua in Mark 13:14.

Before Yahshua can come the Church must prepare herself for
His coming (Revelations 19:7).  Failure to do so will result in an
even greater falling away as good Christians are slaughtered in
the great tribulation of the Fifth Seal (Revelations 6:9).   

There is no rapture of the Church as taught by many
Fundamentalist Pastors and Elders.  It is a false teaching that
will  cause many to reject their faith because of the lies they
have been told.  

Christianity is filled with the lies of Satan which have caused all
followers of the Catholic religion and her doctrines and traditions
to be led astray into pagan worship.   Advent, Christmas, Lent,
Easter, and Sunday Worship are all lies to turn us away from
following God’s commandments.  These lies are all designed by
Satan to make void and desolate the Holy Word of God in the
lives of everyone.  

In the Day of Trial and Great Tribulation many will reject
Christianity and take the Mark of the Beast rather than to be
slaughtered or to allow their families and especially their children
to be slaughtered.   Their faith is weak because it is based upon
the quicksand of Satanic Deception.     

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