Century, C.E. [Common Era] when the Apostles and Prophets of the
early Church evangelized the world about the Messiah and the
Kingdom of God as revealed in the Hebrew Scriptures and in the life,
death and resurrection of Yahshua the long promised Messiah of

The movement of the Holy Spirit of God for the 21st Century, C.E,
is a movement to restore the Church upon its original foundation of
the Apostles and Prophets, i.e., the written.

Since Jerusalem was liberated from Gentile control on June 7, 1967,
the Holy Spirit has been busy restoring the Messianic Jewish Church,
and bringing Christians back to the doctrines and traditions of the
Apostles and the Prophets.  

Since the liberation of Jerusalem from Gentile control there has been
a tremendous growth of Judaic awareness within the Church.  Every
year there are thousands of Christians going to Jerusalem during the
Feast of Tabernacles [Succoth].  Many Pastors, aware of the growing
concern for identity with Judaism, have preached on Judeo-Christian
unity with the emphasis on becoming more Jewish in our religious
beliefs, and in our prayer and worship services.

The 21st Century Church sits upon the cutting edge of the Holy Spirit
movement of Messianic Judaism as founded upon the doctrines and
traditions of the Apostles and Prophets.  This foundation rests solidly
upon the written Torah, upon the Holy Assemblies of God, and upon
the keeping of His commandments and His Sabbaths.  

In this regard we shall see continue to see an even greater challenge
to the keeping of the pagan doctrines and traditions of the Catholic
religion which continue to make desolate the Word of God.   

These pagan doctrines and traditions were never a part of Scripture
[the written Torah] and were never practiced by the early Church of
the Apostles of Yahshua the Messiah.  They were mandated by the
various plenary councils of the Catholic religion [the Seventh World
Empire of Satan].  Such councils have given tradition, or the practices
of the Catholic religion, greater authority even over the writings of the
New Testament.  

The writings of the New Testament, which they assembled and
altered to support their doctrines and traditions in the 4th and 5th
Centuries, C.E.,  are being discarded in the process of establishing the
Catholic religion as the sole authority on Christianity.  

The Pope is none other than the Master Bridge Builder that maintains
the span between the Sixth World Empire of Satan and the Eighth
World Empire when Satan will rule as the Anti-Christ.  This position
of the Pope proclaims him to be the Vicar of Satan on earth for as
long as the Catholic Empire shall exist.

The Messianic Movement of the Holy Spirit is the cutting edge of the
future of the Christian Church for and the 21st Century.  As
Christians begin to recognize and practice the commandments of God
in the keeping of His Sabbaths and His Holy Assemblies, more Jews
will begin to recognize their Messiah in Yahshua, son of David and
High Priest of God.  Gentile Christians will be brought out of the
mainline denominational Churches and the Jewish people will be
drawn towards their Messiah.

In preparing the Bride for the coming of the Lord, the Church will
remove the stinking robes of pagan tradition and begin to put on the
righteous robes of the Biblical doctrines and traditions as practiced by
the Apostles and early disciples of Yahshua the Messiah.    

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