The last book of the New Testament is the book of
Revelations.  It is a series of prophecies on the time of the
end of this world as we know it, and the beginning of the
Messiah comes to set up His Kingdom on earth.  

The book of Revelations exposes the coming One-World
Government of the Anti-Christ, who is Satan, and presents a
series of events or actions that God is going to do in dealing
with this problem, and what happens to the earth during this
seven-year period of Great Tribulation, and how the Messiah
will come to overthrow the forces of Satan.  

Many symbols are mentioned which offer an esoteric pictures
of great upheaval, both physical and spiritual.  What is the
Mark of the Beast?   Who are the Great Dragon, and the
False Prophet, and who is the Anti-Christ?  Who or what is
the Whore of Babylon mentioned in Revelations 17, who sits
upon a beast with Seven Heads, and upon the waters?   

Who are the Ten Nations that seek to destroy her, and what
is the world religion that supports the Anti-Christ?  Are these
symbols real, and what do they mean?  What does God say
to the Seven Churches that is applicable to each of us today?

The Seven Hills and the Seven Heads are the Seven Empires
of Satan that have reigned over the earth.  The woman who
sits on the Beast with the Seven Heads is the idolatry system
which has supported these Seven Empires.  

The Ten Nations that give their power to the Anti-Christ are
not European nations, as many have indicated in their writings
and preaching, they are Ten Nations whose religious beliefs
hate the Idolatry system.  They will make war with her and
will destroy her in one day.  This explains the vision of the
woman who sits upon the waters.  She is the remains of the
Seventh Empire whose citizens continue to practice idolatry
after the Empire itself has been destroyed.  

The Seven Empires of Satan are Egypt, Assyria, Babylon,
Persia, Greek, Roman, and those Churches which represent
the Roman Catholic and Orthodox religions.

The Fifth Seal as indicated in Chapter 6 reveals that the Anti-
Christ will seek out and destroy Jews, Christians and
Catholics who refuse to accept the Mark of the Beast.  

The only rapture that will occur during the seven years of the
Great Tribulation will be the souls of those who are
slaughtered during the Fifth Seal.

Revelations 18 reveals that the religious system of the
Seventh Empire and those who practice her doctrines and
traditions will receive of the plagues that will come upon her.  
The warning to come out from her applies to those who
practice the idolatry system and those who follow her
doctrines and traditions.  

The idolatry system in practice today is the Catholic religion
and the warning also includes those Protestant Christian
Churches and their congregations who adhere to the
teachings, doctrines and traditions of the Catholic religion.   
Primarily this includes those who observe Sunday Worship,
Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter.  All of which have
become mandated in practice within Christianity.  

The Movement of the Holy Spirit in the 21st Century is to
restore Christianity upon the foundation of the written Torah,
and the doctrines and traditions of the Apostles and
Prophets.  When Yahshua, the Messiah comes to set up His
Kingdom on earth, Satan will be bound for one thousand

The ‘rod of iron’ used to administer the Kingdom of our Lord
will be the written Torah.   All Believers will be judged by the
written Torah.   Ignorance of the Law is no excuse for
violation of the Law, especially to those who boastfully claim
that they have read the Bible from beginning to end, and
some may even say that they have read and studied the
Scriptures.  Out of their own mouths they condemn

Pastors and Elders who deny the truth of the Torah will be
cast out and proclaimed to be they who practice wickedness –
Yahshua said, “I never knew you, depart from me,  you that
work wickedness [iniquity].” (Matthew 7:21-23).    

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